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Goodwin, W.S. ; Sydney (1867-1944)

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The Goodwin family produced four painters: Albert, Harry, Frank and William. They lived at Bitterne Park, Southhampton. Albert and Sydney were the only ones to achieve success with their pictures. Sydney was the nephew of the famous watercolour artist, Albert, with whom he painted from time to time. He belonged to the Arts Society, where all his pictures were accepted. His paper was specially procured fro a Yorkshire paper mill, it is of a very strong type and often textured similar to that of a David Cox paper. He travelled extensively though out Canada and the United States in the early 1900's, always painting, which was his first love, and produced some extremely good examples, although he did use to write for a considerable time. His pictures are predominantly scenes in the South and West of England, mainly Hampshire, Wiltshire and Sussex, although several fine London marine scenes by him are to be found amongst his work. He was in the Navy in the 1914-1918 war, terminating his service in Sydney, Australia, where he painted under the name of William Young, until his death in 1944. During this last period of his life he was commission by the Australian Government to paint a number of historical buildings. In his English pictures he has captured rather uniquely the charm of late Victorian and Edwardian rural England. One can see this equally, both in his coastal scenes and in his pictures of man and horses tilling the fields. The pictures of farm scenes are interesting and nostalgic in the sense that the machine was soon to take over from the horse.
[Verso label of U009.16.351 Handwritten:] "From catalogue of Exhibition of Naugate [spelling] Gallery, Swaffham, Norfolk 12-25 March 1972