Alfred, Eugene

Northern Tutchone/Tlingit artist Eugene Alfred was born in 1970 in Mayo, Yukon Territory. He is a member of the Selkirk First Nation in Pelly Crossing, Yukon Territory, where he belongs to the Crow clan. Alfred has studied with noted artists Dempsey Bob and Ken Mowatt, and spent four years at the Ki... [full artist info]

Works (16):

Eagle   U014.3.8 Serigraph
Mosquito   U014.3.9 Serigraph
Raven   U014.3.11 Serigraph
Raven   U010.17.23 Coloured Pencils; Graphite
Raven and Human   U014.3.7 Serigraph
Raven Brings Salmon   U014.3.12 Serigraph
Raven's Flight   U014.3.15 Serigraph
Raven's Light   U014.3.6 Serigraph
Raven; (rectangular)   U014.3.13 Serigraph
Salmon's Journey   U014.3.10 Serigraph
Two Eagles   U014.3.3 Serigraph
Two Eagles   U010.17.22 Coloured Pencils; Ink
Wolf   U014.3.14 Serigraph
Wolf   U010.17.29 Coloured Pencils; Graphite
Wolf and Moon   U014.3.4 Serigraph