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Wilbur-Sigo, Andrea M (b.1975)

Cultural Group : Squaxin

Andrea Wilbur-Sigo was born in 1975, in Shelton, Washington and is a member of the Squaxin Island Tribe. She is the great-great granddaughter of Henry Allen, who was a historical and cultural informant for an ethnographic study of the Twana people. Andrea is the first known woman carver in many generations in her family. She grew up with many types of art around her. She started out with beadwork and has since spent her time studying and carving in the Coast Salish style art forms, including bentwood boxes, masks, panels, button blankets and baskets. Andrea grew up surrounded by an artistic community which included elders such as Louisa Pulsifer, Emily Miller, Andrew Peterson, Bertha Visser and her grandfather, Dennis Allen. She has recently worked with well-known carvers such as Dempsey Bob, Bruce Cook, Ed Archie Noisecat, David Boxely, Pete Peterson, Joe and George David and Art Oomituk. Andrea is continually researching and applying her knowledge to the art forms today.