Young, Wayne

Wayne Young is a Nisga'a and Haida artist born in 1958 in Prince Rupert, BC. He began studying Northwest Coast design at fifteen with artist Dempsey Bob. He also learned to dance and carve. In 1986, he went to Chicago with The Native Dancers to greet the visiting Maoris from New Zealand. Between 198... [full artist info]

Works (19):

Bear Family   U014.3.627 Serigraph
Dogfish Mother   U014.3.629 Serigraph
Eagle Clan   U014.3.626
Frog Clan   U014.3.614 Serigraph
Haida Raven   U014.3.617 Serigraph
Killer Whale Clan   U014.3.621 Serigraph
Raven   U014.3.628
Raven and the Big Fisherman   U014.3.651 Serigraph
Raven and the First People   U014.3.618 Serigraph
Raven and the First People   U010.17.39 Graphite; Coloured Pencils
Raven Steals the Light   U014.3.612 Serigraph
Raven with Broken Beak   U014.3.631 Serigraph
Story of Creation   U014.3.245 Serigraph
The Bear Mother   U014.3.652 Serigraph
Three Beaver Brothers   U014.3.630 Serigraph
Three Beaver Brothers   U010.17.41 Serigraph, Graphite
Three Beaver Brothers   U010.17.40 Graphite
Wife of Nanat Sim Get   U014.3.202 Serigraph
Wolf Clan   U014.3.615 Serigraph