Tudric is a brand name for pewterware made by W.H. Haseler's of Birmingham for Liberty & Co of London, the chief designer being Archibald Knox. The gold and silver ranges were known as Cymric (pro: Koomric). Liberty & Co began producing Tudric in 1902, and continued to the 1930s. The designs use Art... [full artist info]

Works (86):

Ancient Seal   U013.10.10 Print
Banks of Mackenzie   U013.10.8 Acrylic
Boxers   U012.5.2 Serigraph
Boxers   U012.5.3 Serigraph
Boxers   U012.5.4 Serigraph
Boxers   U012.5.5 Serigraph
Boxers   U012.5.6 Serigraph
Boxers   U012.5.7 Serigraph
Boxers   U012.5.8 Serigraph
Boxers   U012.5.9 Serigraph
Boxers   U012.5.10 Serigraph
Boxers   U012.5.11 Serigraph
Boxers   U012.5.12 Serigraph
Bundle   U013.10.19 Mixed Media
Canadian Art Pot with Black ...   U009.14.52 Earthenware, enamel paint and glaze
Esterhazy Indian   U007.41.1-2 Photocopy ink
Find? seek   U012.12.2 Etching
Gary Oaks 6   U013.10.15 Etching
Hostas   U013.10.16 Lithograph
in fine   U009.19.12 Photographic Print
Jade Ear Ring   U013.10.17 Mixed Media, water colour
Journeys   U013.10.11 Watercolour
Leisuring   U013.10.3 Acrylic
Mountain Field   U013.10.7 Monoprint
Queen of Spades, 1/15   U012.5.28 Serigraph
Queen of Spades, 13/15   U012.5.18 Etching
Queen of Spades, 14/15   U012.5.17 Etching
Queen of Spades, 2/15   U012.5.25 Etching
Queen of Spades, 3/15   U012.5.24 Etching
Queen of Spades, 4/15   U012.5.23 Etching
Queen of Spades, 5/15   U012.5.22 Etching
Queen of Spades, 7/15   U012.5.21 Etching
Queen of Spades, 8/15   U012.5.20 Etching
Queen of Spades, 9/15   U012.5.19 Etching
Stall   U013.10.18 monotype
Sweet 4 Some   U012.14.2 Serigraph
Sweet 4 Some   U012.14.3 Serigraph
Sweet 4 Some   U012.14.4 Serigraph
Sweet 4 some   U012.14.5 Lithograph
Sweet 4some   U012.14.6 Lithograph
The Decision Makers   U013.10.13 Oil
The Flower Carrier   U013.10.2 Oil
Tidal Flats   U013.10.14 Oil
Totem   U013.10.22 Lithograph
Uli   U012.11.2 Etching
Untitled (100 Years Saanich ...   U011.15.2 Flag material (woven polyester)
Untitled (Abstract forms)   U012.10.2 Serigraph
Untitled (Beer Stein with Lid)   M964.1.65 Arita porcelain with underglaze blue decor and Dutch silver lid with later wooden handle 
Untitled (Bench, Trousers)   U009.19.3 Photographic Print
Untitled (Bicycle, Fence)   U009.19.15 Photographic Print
Untitled (Black Head, Mother...   U009.19.14 Photographic Print
Untitled (Bok Choy, Bike Wre...   U009.19.16 Photographic Print
Untitled (Coca Cola Cherry B...   U009.19.5 Photographic Print
Untitled (Depaysement)   U009.19.20 Photographic Print
Untitled (Door, Deck)   U009.19.10 Photographic Print
Untitled (Figure)   L016.1.12 Soapstone; ivory
Untitled (Fish; Dark Spot)   U009.19.13 Photographic Print
Untitled (Gorilla; Spray-Pai...   U009.19.19 Photographic Print
Untitled (Graffiti, Magazine)   U009.19.11 Photographic Print
Untitled (House; Slides)   U009.19.17 Photographic Print
Untitled (Ikat Textile; Man ...   U016.4.2 Ikat Woven Textile
Untitled (Inflated Alligator...   U009.19.6 Photographic Print
Untitled (Loon)   U003.38.5 Soapstone
Untitled (Man on Rocks; Moth...   U009.19.7 Photographic Print
Untitled (Owl)   U003.38.6 Jade
Untitled (Proof)   U012.18.2 Etching
Untitled (Proof)   U012.19.2 Ink
Untitled (Rabbit Heads, Tree)   U009.19.18 Photographic Print
Untitled (Reflection)   U009.19.9 Photographic Print
Untitled (Stone Buddha, Truc...   U009.19.8 Photographic Print
Untitled (Village Scene, Park)   U009.19.4 Photographic Print
Untitled (Wall Covering)   U009.19.2 Photographic Print
Your constant waterfall, Hor...   U014.2.2 aluminum, steel, enamel and acrylic paint