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Ashoona, Pitseolak (b. Nottingham Island, 1904. d. Cape Dorset, 1983.) Cultural Group : Canadian, Inuit

Pitseolak Ashoona, was born in 1904 in the Northwest Territories. She is known for prints and drawings which explore spirits and monsters, as well as depicting the everyday activities of the Inuit before the arrival of Europeans. She began working with printmaking in the late 1950's after experiments with this medium were begun in Cape Dorset by James Houston. All three of her children also work in the arts. Her stories of Inuit life are retold in an animated documentary produced by the NFB and based on an oral biography; Pitseolak: Pictures out of My Life. Her granddaughter, Annie Pootoogook is considered among one of Canada's most well recognized contemporary painters. Pitseolak was elected a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts in 1974, and died in Cape Dorset in 1983.