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Langdale, Stella

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Canadian Artist active (1912-1950)

Stella Langdale, was a artist and illustrator originally from England, who studied art at several notable institutions, including the Brighton and Glasgow schools of art. This sound technical training allowed her to experiment with traditional methods and media, and to indulge her wish to capture the sublime landscapes she read about in Romantic poems by William Blake, John Martin and Samuel Palmer. Langdale travelled widely, and this is apparent in her work: the classical sculpture, diverse architecture, and mysterious, exotic, and often haunting settings in her paintings and pictures hail from myriad locations across Western Europe and Northern Africa, and come together to form beautiful and enchanting images that seem to capture the magical nature of the world around us. A close friend of Katharine Maltwood, Langdale lived in Victoria for several years beginning in 1940 when she stayed at the Empress Hotel and went on many sketching trips throughout B.C.