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Hunt, Tom ; Waławidi (b. 1964)

Cultural Group : Kwagu'ł, Kwakwaka'wakw

Tom Hunt (b. 1964), son of Chief George Hunt and Mary Hunt (née Henderson), has been carving since the age of twelve. Although initially inspired, influenced, and instructed by his father, George Hunt, Tom has been taught by his uncle, Calvin Hunt, and John Livingston. While versatile in other media, Tom Hunt prefers woodcarving. In keeping with the family tradition, Tom's talent is given particularly full expression in the carving of totem poles.

Tom Hunt's own secondary crest is Sisiutl, the Double-Headed Sea Serpent of Kwakwaka'wakw culture. Hunt also has the rights and privileges of songs and dances pertaining to the Sisiutl hunter, an ancestor who sought and captured this supernatural double-headed sea serpent.

His work is found in major public and private collections in Europe, Asia and North America.