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Milne, Courtney (1943-2010) Cultural Group :

Courtney Milne was born in 1943 in Saskatoon, Canada, and has been a freelance photographer since 1975, concentrating on landscape and nature. As well as formal training in photography, his academic background includes two master's degrees -- in psychology, and in journalism & mass communication. He has written more than 170 illustrated articles for photographic magazines; his publications include three popular books of photography of the Canadian Prairies: Prairie Light (1985), Prairie Dreams (1989) and Prairie Skies (1993). He has traveled extensively conducting workshops, seminars, worldwide photographic tours, and lecturing with the prestigious Nikon School of Photography, and is well known across Canada for his lectures and multimedia shows, with more than 200 public performances since 1985, plus keynote speaking engagements in various venues across Canada.

To date, Courtney Milne has made more than 420, 000 exposures, photographing thirty-five countries, all ten Canadian provinces, thirty American states, and all seven continents. Much of his work is part of his current project, a series of books called The Sacred Earth Collection. In 1988-89, Courtney Milne and his partner, Sherrill Miller , completed a 10 month global photographic expedition, returning with more than 60, 000 images of the world's most exotic landscapes. In the fall of 1991, Courtney and Sherrill continued their pilgrimage -- this time across Canada -- with a 20-city tour to promote The Sacred Earth, the first volume of the series, along with Sherrill's volume of the collection, The Pilgrim's Guide to The Sacred Earth. The second volume of the collection, Spirit of the Land, was released in 1994, and a U. S. edition, Sacred Places in North America, A Journey Into the Medicine Wheel in 1995. Visions of the Goddess, a portrayal of the sacred feminine in the landscape, co-authored by Sherrill and Courtney, was published in 1998. In May, 2000, Milne won the honorable mention and a cash prize in the Roloff Beny Photograpy Award for his latest book, W. O. Mitchell Country. His newest book, Emily Carr Country, will be released in the fall of 2001.

Courtney Milne's extensive slide library was the basis for international presentations such as UNESCO's World Heritage Committee (1990 ), Waterscapes International Congress (1991 ), and the United Nations traveling exhibit, To Care for the Earth (1992). The 1991 Canadian tour of The Sacred Earth Concert, a multimedia presentation, raised money for the local environmental projects and for the Endangered Spaces Campaign of Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF), Canada. Showcased at the United Nations "Earth Summit" in Rio de Janeiro in June 1992 and the follow up Eco-Ed World Congress, the Concert is also featured on Cunard Cruise Lines and in multiple international locations. On Earth Day 1993, Milne's 54-print Sacred Earth Exhibition opened for five months at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Canada, with subsequent displays at the Canadian embassies in Washington, D. C. and Tokyo, Japan. In 1993 Milne was awarded the Gold Medal for Distinction in Canadian Photography, by the National Association for Photographic Art. Milne was selected to the jury for the International Photography Competition sponsored by the United Nations Environment Program, in Tokyo, Japan, where he presented The Sacred Earth Concert at the Metropolitan Museum of Photography. More than 25 sets of Milne's Limited Edition prints are in the collections of private individuals, galleries, and museums across Canada. In January 1997, Love Songs From Planet Earth -- a live performance of Milne's large screen images with flutist Bettine Clemen -- was premiered onstage with the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra. In 1998, a new multimedia show, Visions of the Goddess Concert, narrated by Sherrill and Courtney, with the music of Ann Mortifee, was toured across Canada, and featured at the Feng Shui International Conference in Monterey, California in May 1999. The W.O. Mitchell Country Show has been toured across western Canada.