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Sabiston, Carole RCA

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Carole Sabiston is an outstanding artist who has developed a bold art form so strongly individualistic as to be unique in its way of expression.

Born in London, England, she moved to Victoria where she has lived, with a few breaks, since 1952. A student at both the universities of Victoria and British Columbia, she taught school in Victoria and Vancouver after graduation.

She began her professional career as a painter but found that painting did not allow her to achieve the effect she was seeking in her work - light, movement and texture. Her own technique has evolved over the years.

With multiple layers of netting and fabrics, matte and metallic, she builds translucent and opaque passages, creating shifting lights and continuous, shimmering movements of water and air.

Carole Sabiston's painted murals, hangings, aerial sculptures and tapestries have been exhibited across Canada and in Europe in more than 35 shows including 18 solo shows.

It was Carole Sabiston who created the dramatic sunburst which was the backdrop of the opening ceremonies at Expo '86 and it is Carole Sabiston who is presently designing the Commonwealth Cape which will be used in the promotion and ceremonial events surrounding the 1994 Commonwealth Games.

She is a member of the Royal Canadian Academy and 1987 winner of the Saidye Bronfman Award for Canada for Excellence in Art. - obc/1992/1992_CSabiston.htm