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Fisher, Brian Richard RCA (1939-2012)

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"Fisher, who grew up in Regina, first gained national attention as part of the Canadian pavilion at Expo 67 in Montreal. He was included in several other national shows, won important commissions and taught for a time at the University of Regina.

Notable enough to be one of the 24 artists profiled in William Withrow's 1972 book "Contemporary Canadian Painting," Fisher has fallen from public awareness, perhaps because he remained in Australia until his death in 2012. Withrow, a former director of the Art Gallery of Ontario, offered unstinting praise. "In the same way that the solution to a complex mathematical problem has connotations to beauty, the intricacy of Fisher's work fascinates the viewer," he wrote. "Not surprisingly, he is himself interested in avant-garde theories in both mathematics and sciences, as well as Zen and the occult." Withrow traced Fisher's genesis through instructors at the University of Saskatchewan, including Art McKay, Ronald Bloore and Roy Kiyooka, who awakened Fisher's interest in Eastern spirituality.

Some of Fisher's work shares formal affinities with Op Art, particularly that of British painter Bridget Riley, who's now enjoying a resurgence of interest amongst a younger generation of artists. Fisher recommended spending at least half an hour with one of his paintings to focus the mind and enter a reflective state. Thus, his work is less about optical play and more about art as a path to open spaciousness within."

~ Portia Priegert, Galleries West, Summer 2015

Fisher was a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Art.