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Privett, Molly ; (Dowler) (1905-1981)

Cultural Group : English, Canadian

Born in Streatham, England, she came to Canada in 1927 to Limerick, Saskatchewan then later settled in British Columbia. She studied four years with Herbert Siebner in Victoria (1954-55, 1958) and became a member of the B.C. Society of Artists (Assoc. Member, 1964; Member, 1966); was active with The Point Group (1960-62). She held solo shows at the Grant Gallery, Winnipeg., Art Gallery of Greater Victoria (Dec 6, 1966-Jan 8, 1967), and the Point Gallery, Victoria. Was guest artist at the Annual Saanich Peninsula Art Show, Sidney (1966) and has participated in group shows at Bau-Xi Gallery, Van.; with B.C. Society of Artists at Point Gallery and at Pandora's Box Gallery, Victoria (1966). She received honourable mention at the juried show of the Art Centre of Greater Victoria (1965). Other major exhibitions include Art in Victoria 1960-1986 curated by Nicholas Tuele July 24-Oct 5, 1986 Art Gallery of Greater Victoria.

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