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Siebner, Herbert Johannes Joseph RCA (b. 1925-d. 2003)

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Herbert Siebner was born in 1925 in Stettin, Germany. He trained at the Atelier Richter in Stettin and at the Berlin Academy. In 1954 he moved to Canada. Siebner's works follow in the tradition of the German Expressionists with whom he studied and his artistic practice has largely focused on the shape and form of the human figure.

Siebner has held teaching appointments at the Universities of Washington, British Columbia, Alberta, and Victoria and been featured in over 100 solo exhibitions in Europe and North America. His paintings, murals, and prints are represented in museums and collections worldwide. Siebner has also been the recipient of an extensive list of awards such as the Reid Award for Graphics in 1956 from the Canadian Society of Painters, Etchers and Engravers and the BC Sculpture Award in 1957. He is a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of the Arts and a founding member of the Limners. His works are found in permanent collections in Berlin, Seattle and Canada.