The Nimpkish River, or the Gwa'ni River, was the first place where captain George Vancouver encountered the 'Namgis people. Peoples of the coastal islands and mountains of Vancouver Island, the 'Namgis' traditional territory surrounds Port McNeil, Hanson Island, the Southern end of Malcolm Island, Beaver Cove and inland surrounding Nimpkish Lake and river, Atluck lake, Woss lake, Schoen lake and Vernon Lake. The 'Namgis First Nation are a part of the Kwakwaka'wakw Nations in Alert Bay. Today many members of the 'Namgis First Nations reside in 'Yalis in Alert Bay, continuing in an active engagement with their natural resources. 1

Along with many of the other Kwakwaka'wakw Nations, the 'Namgis speak Kwakwala. 2

Some of the artists from the 'Namgis community in the University of Victoria Art Collections include Wayne Alfred, Kevin Daniel Cranmer, Bruce Alfred, and William Wasden Jr.(Wak'analagalis) among others. Our collection of 'Namgis material is found largely in our extensive Northwest Coast print collection.

Above References:

1 The 'Namgis First Nation http://www.namgis.bc.ca/Pages/Gwani.aspx

2 First Peoples' Language Map of British Columbia http://maps.fphlcc.ca/namgis
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Kwagulth Seal   Charlie, Lorraine
Killer Whale   Cook, Rande ; K'alapa
Killer Whale   Alfred, Wayne  
Two Headed Thunderbird   Alfred, Wayne  
Loon   Alfred, Wayne  
Beaver   Alfred, Bruce  
Annie ('Ma'mxu'yogwa) Alfred...   Alfred, Bruce  
Wolf, Mosquito, Octopus   Alfred, Bruce  
Bird Form   Alfred, Bruce  
Kwakiutl Loon   Alfred, Harold  
Nora (Mant'i da'as) Dick Mem...   Alfred, Bruce  
Komo Kwa   Alfred, Wayne  
Bird Form   Alfred, Bruce  
Beaver   Alfred, Bruce  
Frog   Cook, Rande ; K'alapa
Elements Within I   Cook, Rande ; K'alapa
Elements Within II   Cook, Rande ; K'alapa
Elements Within III   Cook, Rande ; K'alapa
Elements Within IV   Cook, Rande ; K'alapa
Forever Family   Cook, Rande ; K'alapa
In Our Time   Cook, Rande ; K'alapa
Lines of Time   Cook, Rande ; K'alapa
Spirits of Our Time   Cook, Rande ; K'alapa
The Flow of Energy II   Cook, Rande ; K'alapa
The Flow of Energy   Cook, Rande ; K'alapa
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