Kaska (Kaska Dena)

Before there were the provincial borders, the Kaska Dena lived in the pacific northwestern coast of what is known as the Yukon territories and British Columbia. The nation is now split up into 5 First Nations because of these provincial borders, these include: Dease River First Nation located at Good Hope Lake (British Columbia); Dayly Dena Council at Lower Post (British Columbia); Kwadacha located at Fort Ware in prince George (British Columbia); Laird First Nation at Watson lake (Yukon territories) and the Ross River Dena Council at Ross River (Yukon territories). 1

The traditional territories of the Kaska Dena stretch from the Yukon border, to north of Williston Lake (south), from Dease Lake (west) to Fort Nelson (east). 2

The Kaska language or Danezāgé’, has largely lost its everyday use, with only 23 fluent speakers today. 3

Kaska/ Tlingit artist Dean Heron has a number of prints in the University of Victoria's Art Collection.

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