Located in southern Puget Sound, the Squaxin Island tribe, the "people of the water", are a part of the Coast Salish peoples of the Northwest Coast. There are a number of different communities in the area including Noo-sen-chati of Henderson Inlet; Sten Chass of Budd Inlet; Squi-Aitl of Eld Inlet; Sawamish/ T’Peeksin of Totten Inlet; Sa-Hen-Wa-Mish of Hammersley Inlet; Squawksin of Case Inlet; and S’Hotle-Ma-Mish of Carr Inlet. 1

There are a number of prints in the University of Victoria's Art Collection by Skokomish/ Squaxin artist Andy Peterson. There are also two prints by Andrea Wilbur-Sigo: The Great Tamanamis and Underwater World.

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1 Squaxin Island Tribe http://www.squaxinisland.org
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