The Kwaguʼł peoples are from Tsaxis, or Fort Rupert, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. They are part of the Kwakwaka'wakw peoples and their language is Kwakwala.

The Kwaguʼł peoples have been known to anthropologists and other Westerners as the Kwakiutl ever since the 1840's when anthropologists came to designate them, and all other Kwakwaka'wakw peoples as the Kwakiutl. However, each group, tribe or band has their own name for their community and the Kwaguʼł (or Kwakiutl) only applies to those whose ancestry relates to the peoples of Tsaxis. 1

Many members of the famous Hunt family are from the Kwaguʼł community. Many of whom are represented in the Art collections at the University of Victoria. This includes Ross Hunt, Trevor Hunt, Patrick Hunt, Henry Hunt, George Hunt Jr., Eugene Hunt, Calvin Hunt and others. These prints, paintings and carvings convey a long family history of artistry and skill.

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1 Kwakiutl Indian Band
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