Gitxsanimaax or Gitsenimx, is the language spoken by the Gitxsan Nation.

The economy of the Gitxsan peoples is largely based on the salmon trade and other natural resources from their territory; including oolichan grease, which was extensively traded with neighboring peoples. The Gitxsan have always asserted their right to their territory and have always held a highly organized political and social system in both pre and post-contact times. 1

Their territory encompasses 33,000 squared km in Northwestern British Columbia, including the Skeena, Babine, Bulkey and Kispiox rivers. 2

They are a matriarchal society and lineage is traced through mothers� houses. Houses, or Wilps, belong to a clan; these would be the Lax Gibuu (Wolf), Lax Siik (Eagle), Lax Seel/Ganeda (Frog), and the Giskaast (Fireweed). Important social and political decisions are sanctioned at the Liligit or the Feast Hall. 3

There is a large collection of Robert E. Sebastian's print work in the University of Victoria's Art collection, along with Phillip Janzé, Michael Blackstock and Ray Sim. The prints in this collection negotiate a rich space in the inter-relationship of contemporary and traditional forms.

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