The Métis Nation defines themselves as a distinct group of peoples that emerged in relation to the mixing of Europeans and Aboriginal peoples in Canada and the United States during the fur trade. Métis communities often established their own communities apart from both Indigenous communities and European communities. Because of this, the Métis peoples have their own established culture and their own language, Michif, and their own rights to a traditional land base or homeland. This land base includes much of the Prairie Provinces and other areas in other provinces in Canada in the United States. 1

Because the term 'Métis' has such a broad definition in relation to its concept of mixed identities, many peoples in Canada and the US may or may not define themselves as such. Some of the artists in the University of Victoria's art Collections may or may not define themselves as Métis individuals. In our identification of this term we seek to include individuals of mixed ancestry or others who identify themselves as so. Métis art reflects individual and unique styles, reflecting the artists' contemporary position in the world of material culture.

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1 The Métis Nation http://www.metisnation.ca/index.php/who-are-the-metis
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