Dakelh (Carrier)

The Dakehl (Carrier) peoples are from the Central Interior of British Columbia. The term 'Carrier' comes from a Sekani (Northern Interior, Finlay and Parsnip River drainages) name for the Dakelh people that has to do with the mourning processes of the Dakelh women in which they carried their deceased husbands ashes. The Sekani people were the first to come into contact with European explorers and so the name 'Carrier' became established with foreign European parties. Dakelh is the term used by the Carrier people to refer to both their language (of the Athabaskan family) and their people. Their traditional territory includes; the area along the Fraser River from north of Prince George to south of Quesnel, the Nechako Valley, the areas around Stuart Lake, Trembleur Lake, and Fraser Lake, and the region along the West Road and Blackwater Rivers, west to the Coast Range, including the Kluskus Lakes, Ootsa Lake and Cheslatta Lake. Prince George, Vanderhoof, Fort Saint James, Fraser Lake and Quesnel are all in Dakehl territory.1

Dakelh or Carrier artists in the University of Victoria's Art Collections include Lawrence J Rosso and Walter Joseph Jr.

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