Kitamaat village in British Columbia is today the main residency area for the Haisla people, although many others live in other cities across Canada and the world. The village is at the head of the Douglas channel and translates from the Tsimshian word for "people of the snow". The Haisla name for Kitamaat is Tsee-Motsa, meaning "snag beach".1

Xenaksialak̓ala / Xa'’islak̓ala is the Haisla language. It is part of the northern Wakashan language family and is spoken by both the Gitamatt and Kitlope bands. 2

It is closely related to Kwak̓wala. 3

The pieces in the University of Victoria's Art Collection from the Haisla community include two stone mortars as well as two prints by Haisla/ Tsimshian artist Burton Amos and one print by artist Barry Wilson.

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