The Nlaka'pamux, Nłeʔkepmx, or Thompson peoples, speak the Nłeʔkepmxcín language. This language is spoken in the areas of the Thompson River, the Nicola Valley (for which there is a different dialect called Scw'exmx, meaning "people of the creeks"), and the Fraser River from Spuzzum to Lytton. 1

Members of the Nlaka'pamux Nation Tribal Council include the Ashcroft Indian Band
(Ashcroft, Ashcroft Indian Reserve #4), the Boothroyd Indian Band (near Boston Bar, Kahmoose Indian Reserve #4), Boston Bar First Nations (Kopchitchin Indian Reserve #2), Kanaka Bar (near Lytton, Kanaka Bar Reserve #1A), Lytton First Nation (Lytton ), Oregon Jack Creek Band (near Cache Creek), Skuppah First Nation (near Merrit, Skuppah and Inklyuhkinatko) and the Spuzzum First Nation (Yale). 2

There are several baskets from the Nlaka'pamux community in the Art Collections at the University of Victoria. These are mainly imbricated baskets made of cedar bark and roots.

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