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Artist / Maker : Dick, Francis
Title : Letting Go
Date (Execution) : 1992
Geographical Origin : Gwayi (Kingcome Inlet); British Columbia; Canada
Cultural Group : Dzawada̱ʼenux̱w (Tsawataineuk), Kwakwaka'wakw
Style / Period :
Medium / Material  : Serigraph
Support / Technique : paper
Object Type : screen prints
Visual Description : Figure in a circle surrounded by eagle and raven motifs in blue gray, dark blue and black.
Accession # : U997.1.1
Width (cm) : 63.00
Height (cm) : 48.00
Depth (cm) : 0.00
Mandatory Credit : University of Victoria Acquisition Fund
Artist Statement : "Design has been the traditional way of story telling by my people for thousands of years. They created [it] to express their spiritual, physical, emotional and mental journeys in their world prior to European contact. I am a First Nations woman and I express my journey in my work. It is important to me that I do this because acknowledging my journey signifies to me that I am honoring the supernatural beings of my traditions. The stories, dances, songs and legends have been and are my strength. In this piece I sit in the center of the circle enveloped by the strength and wisdom of the eagle and it's spirit which is significant to First Nations people. The raven at the lower right hand side reminds me that my family is also from the raven. Another eagle is placed in the lower left hand side of the circle to remind me of my brother Jesse, for his spirit continues to inspire me. The face at the upper left side of the circle represents a very important individual in my life who I love, honor, and respect an who continues to inspire me in my walking her talk. At the upper right side of the design is a hand which is symbolic of "letting go" of all people, places and things in my life that inhibit my spiritual journey. The star above the hand contains all that I desire to let go of. The figures outside of the circle represent good spirits within the universe we share that I believe will always watch over and guide me throughout my life and beyond. These spirits I have depicted in the forms of raven, eagle, Bak'was (wild man) and faces. I believe the further I journey within my soul, the more I will find to let go of,but with each door that closes in my life, another opens. I desire to always be willing to be moving forward on path of spiritual progress." - Gilakas'la, 'maxwalogwa