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Artist / Maker : Roycroft Workshops
Title : Untitled (Beaten Copper tray)
Date (Execution) : c. 1910
Geographical Origin : Aurora, New York, United States
Cultural Group : American
Style / Period : Arts and Crafts
Medium / Material  : Beaten Copper
Support / Technique :
Object Type : trays
Visual Description : Oval copper press-ware tray with design around the edge. This small oval letter tray has a lip at either end worked into a flourish – a shape intended for both beauty and function, creating a flat surface where the bearer's thumb would rest. Again, the surface is lightly hammered, and a band of tooled decoration extends around the inside circumference.Finished in "Aurora Brown." A guiding principle of the Arts and Crafts movement was to produce hand-crafted decorative arts in affordable materials. Whereas only wealthy households might have been able to afford trays and candlestick holders in sterling silver, these works in lustrous hammered copper by the Roycroft Workshops made metalwork art pieces for the home affordable for a wider range of consumers. Their simplicity of design reflects Arts and Crafts priorities for clean lines and unpretentious hand-made quality. Rejecting the inferior manufacture of mass-produced industrial wares, Roycroft Workshops instead celebrated the hand of the artisan, directly visible in the lightly hammered surfaces. These are finished in “Aurora Brown,” one of several finishes that Roycroft added to their copper wares.62 62 David Kornacki, “Overview” Roycroft Copper. Accessed on-line Dec. 21, 2014:
Accession # : M970.18.4
Width (cm) : 17.70
Height (cm) : 0.80
Depth (cm) : 0.00
Mandatory Credit : University of Victoria Acquisition Fund
Artist Statement :