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Artist / Maker : Laver, Mark
Title : Studio #7
Date (Execution) : unknown
Geographical Origin : Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Cultural Group :
Style / Period :
Medium / Material  : mixed media
Support / Technique : paper
Object Type : drawings (visual works); mixed media works
Visual Description : There are various images in this mixed media drawing. In the centre of the picture, there is an archway with a pale red X in the centre. Through this archway, in the back, there are three square shapes. In front of this archway, there is a figure whose back is towards the viewer. His/her hands are up to his/her eyes, as if looking through binoculars. This figure is standing on a slight angle towards the left of the image. To the left of the archway is a partial image of a naked man. Only the back of his head and neck, his right arm, and part of his chest are shown. Above the archway, in a rectangular shape, is a grey background with black twigs or tree trunks coming out of the ground. And to the right of the archway is a partial image of a nude woman. She is facing to the right of the picture, and her long hair is flying in the wind, around the archway.
Accession # : U001.11.521
Width (cm) : 45.80
Height (cm) : 59.80
Depth (cm) : 0.00
Mandatory Credit : Gift of the Estate of Michael C. Williams
Artist Statement :