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Artist / Maker : Ludton, G. Payne
Title : 30 Hour Brass Dial Oak Case Clock
Date (Execution) : 1750
Geographical Origin : England
Cultural Group :
Style / Period :
Medium / Material  : wood (oak); brass; metal; paint; varnish; glass
Support / Technique : cut; carved; molded; applied; assembled
Object Type : tall case clocks
Visual Description : This clock can be described in three section. The base is a rectangular shape with a beveled top edge. The middle portion, is a tall cabinet, with a door that has a single round knob and two metal hinges holding it. The top portion is the clock face. The clock face is circular with ornate brass (gold coloured) design of two cherubs holding a crown in each corner. The numbers are done in black Roman numerials made from metal. In between each number, there is a simple floral-like image. The center of the clock face is made from brass (gold coloured) and has a some-sort of dial on the lower half. In the centre is the hand of the clock.
Accession # : U001.11.850
Width (cm) : 41.50
Height (cm) : 198.00
Depth (cm) : 125.00
Mandatory Credit : Gift of the Estate of Michael C. Williams
Artist Statement :