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Artist / Maker : Scholes, Graham
Title : Untitled (Nootka Light woodblock; dark blue and olive green)
Date (Execution) : 2000-2001
Geographical Origin : Sidney, British Columbia, Canada
Cultural Group : Canadian
Style / Period : Contemporary 1950 -
Medium / Material  : Wood
Support / Technique : Carved
Object Type : wood blocks (printing blocks)
Visual Description : Images on both sides of woodblock. Olive green side: image is centered to the top left corner, laving a 5 cm border along the bottom and a 4 cm border on the right side. THe rest is carved out leaving an olive-green stained relief of the tree-lined shore. ABove it stretch one straigh and three angled ink lines, the edges of which have been erased near the ink-stained area. Dark blue side: the imag is again centerd at the top right with bottom and right borders of 4 and 5 cm respectively. Three elongated triangles cross the top above a rocky, tree-lined coast and ocean waves. All of this is stained dark blue.
Accession # : U002.32.14
Width (cm) : 56.00
Height (cm) : 30.00
Depth (cm) : 1.50
Mandatory Credit : Gift of Graham Scholes
Artist Statement :