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Artist / Maker : unknown
Title : Amsterdam Prints (Map, section B)
Date (Execution) : unknown
Geographical Origin : unknown (Holland?)
Cultural Group :
Style / Period : Contemporary 1950 -
Medium / Material  : ink
Support / Technique : paper
Object Type : maps (documents)
Visual Description : Top left hand corner of the print has the letters C, D, E, F with brief descriptions under each, moving right from there begins the map diagrams. This entire section of the 9 piece map mainly depicts water and boats. In the bottom left hand corner of the print there is an image of a monument with a man sitting on top, the monument has a lot of text on it ,but the largest word reads; AMSTELREDAM. This section (B) appears to be the bottom left section of the 9 piece map.
Accession # : U001.22.11
Width (cm) : 56.00
Height (cm) : 48.50
Depth (cm) :
Mandatory Credit : Gift of Dr. Sydney W. Jackman
Artist Statement :