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Artist / Maker : Hunt, Henry ; Hunt, Tony Sr.
Title : Totem Pole (Replica of a Gitxsan Memorial Pole) The Raven Soaring
Date (Execution) : 1963
Geographical Origin : Gitwangak (Kitwanga), British Columbia, Canada
Cultural Group : Kwagu'ł, Kwakwaka'wakw
Style / Period :
Medium / Material  : Cedar; latex paint
Support / Technique : carved; painted
Object Type : replicas; totem poles; carvings (visual works)
Visual Description : The crests from top to bottom are: the Raven soaring (Quansil); “Drifted Aside,” an ancestor with an abalone-pearl bow; two human figures (the lower one upside down), “Proud,” also called Aadzeks, a bird-like man with curved eagle beak; an eagle (this one could be “the one called child-of-the-sun”); a frog (or small-frog-across, or frog dish, or a headdress for the person, Naraat, who is standing below); a spirit (Naraat) holding a war club; “Prince of Ravens (a human figure), another two human figures called “Come-from-sickness” and the “Heartless-small-slave.”
Accession # : U977.12.2
Width (cm) : 0.00
Height (cm) : 1615.40
Depth (cm) : 0.00
Mandatory Credit : Transferred from the Royal B.C. Museum
Artist Statement :