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Artist / Maker : unknown
Title : Egyptian Ushabti
Date (Execution) : n.d.
Geographical Origin : Egypt
Cultural Group : Egyptian (ancient)
Style / Period :
Medium / Material  : Terra cotta
Support / Technique :
Object Type : amulets
Visual Description : Carved Egyptian amulet depicting a seated human figure (gender is not apparent) wearing a royal headdress constructed of solar plumes and solar disc. The figure may be a god or goddess. Details have been carved in relief. The amulet is a green/grey colour, and has a hole puncturing the side of the figure's headdress. The hole extends through both sides of the piece, which indicates that it may have been worn as a bead on a piece of jewelry. The figure has been broken, so it is in 2 seperate pieces.
Accession # : U006.38.2
Width (cm) : 1.50
Height (cm) : 4.50
Depth (cm) : 1.00
Mandatory Credit : Gift of Denise Dickson
Artist Statement :