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Artist / Maker : Krawutschke, J.P. ; M. Kreuzman Verlag
Title : Mimirsquelle [Mimisbrunnr; Old Norse "Mimir's Well"]
Date (Execution) : n.d.
Geographical Origin : Switzerland
Cultural Group : German, Norse, Switzerland
Style / Period : Art Nouveau
Medium / Material  : Lithograph
Support / Technique : paper
Object Type : lithographs
Visual Description : This is a lithograph print of a fantasy-like scene done of Mimisbrunnr (Old Norse "Mimir's well") in an Art Nouveau style. The image shows a large fireplace at the bottom with the narrative scene extending outwards in an enclosed circle from the mantlepiece. In the circle there are three female figures surrounding a man's (Odin's?) head, one of the females is feeding the man water from a dish. The figures are surrounded by trees, birds, statues, fountains, and an arch in the background. The palette mainly consists of organic green, brown, pink, ochre, and ivory. and uses free flowing, organic line-work in Art Nouveau style.
Accession # : U005.35.1
Width (cm) : 47.00
Height (cm) : 62.00
Depth (cm) :
Mandatory Credit :
Artist Statement :