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Artist / Maker : Unknown,
Title : An Imaginary Meeting between Jahangir and Shah Abbas of Persia
Date (Execution) : 1980
Geographical Origin : New Delhi, India
Cultural Group : Indian
Style / Period : Islamic/N.East Middle 1250-1650
Medium / Material  : Reproduction Print
Support / Technique : paper
Object Type : reproductions (derivative objects)
Visual Description : In the background are a pair of clouds on either side of the print, each flanked by an angel, both facing centre. The angels hold many symbols, all in an upside down arch. The arch radiates gold light down into the centre of the painting. In the middleground are two men on a cushioned bench, conversing. Each wears a fine robe and has a weapon in his belt. In the foreground are two more men, separated by a table with three vessels on it, who also face centre. In the foreground are two large trays and several small dishes with food on them, and a gold urn in each of the bottom corners.
Accession # : E002.3.2-5
Width (cm) : 20.00
Height (cm) : 30.50
Depth (cm) :
Mandatory Credit : Gift of Joseph Richardson
Artist Statement :