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Artist / Maker : Unknown,
Title : Raja Singh of Chamba with his Rani
Date (Execution) : 1980
Geographical Origin : new Delhi, India
Cultural Group : Indian
Style / Period : Islamic/N.East Middle 1250-1650
Medium / Material  : Reproduction Print
Support / Technique : paper
Object Type : reproductions (derivative objects)
Visual Description : In this painting Jit Singh is seated in a pavilion overlooking the river Ravi. Opposite him is his wife Fani Sarada. In attendance are splendidly attired maid-servants, one holding a fly whisk of peacock feathers, another a huqqa with a long trailing stem, and the third a gold tray with betel leaves. The fourth dressed in yellow clothes is waving a chauri of yak's tail over the Rani's head. In front a fountain is bubbling and at its sides are poppies growing parterres. A pair of ducks in playful mood interposed between the fountan and the pavilion conveys feelings of love, and creates a mood which pervades the atmosphere.
Accession # : E002.3.3-1
Width (cm) : 20.00
Height (cm) : 25.00
Depth (cm) :
Mandatory Credit : Gift of Joseph Richardson
Artist Statement :