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Artist / Maker : Stegeman, Charles
Title : Untitled (Surreal Landscape)
Date (Execution) : 1974
Geographical Origin : Canada
Cultural Group :
Style / Period :
Medium / Material  : oil
Support / Technique : canvas
Object Type : oil paintings (visual works)
Visual Description : Several figures, vaguely human in form, trudge through a vast flat plain, which is foregrounded in this painting. Most of the figures are on foot; however, one is on horseback, in the lower right of the painting. In the bottom right appears what looks like a cactus or a snowman, but it's purple and fuzzy, and a trumpet lays on the ground beside it. Near the horizon, in the far left middleground, are a handful of headstones, and two figures walk among them. In the centre middleground, three small fires are burning, and on the horizon looks like a much larger fire, which could also be interpreted as a sunrise or a sunset, as the sky surrounding it is quite dark. Just to the right of this horizon fire is what looks like a green spirit ascending into the sky. The focal point of this painting is the figure in the centre-right foreground: almost tadpole-ish in structure, it walks on crutch-like arms. Its' body is navy blue and it has a white, clownish face with a bulbous red nose, red lips, and an albino-pink eye.
Accession # : U008.12.1
Width (cm) : 79.50
Height (cm) : 71.00
Depth (cm) :
Mandatory Credit : Gift of Dr. Erika Kurth
Artist Statement :