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Artist / Maker : Unknown
Title : Bow and Arrow
Date (Execution) : 19th Century
Geographical Origin :
Cultural Group :
Style / Period :
Medium / Material  : Wood; Hide; Hair; Beak; twine
Support / Technique :
Object Type : bows (weapons); arrows
Visual Description : Wooden bow with sinew string piece missing from exterior of bow. Sinew string runs down interior of bow. Tied in two places with hide string. One strand is strung with birds beaks near the base, the upper portion is strung with mammal noses, hair and skin. Arrow has a metal tip slotted into wood base and tied with wood strand.
Accession # : U981.13.1
Width (cm) : 0.00
Height (cm) : 154.30
Depth (cm) : 0.00
Mandatory Credit : Gift of the Anthropology Department of the University of Victoria
Artist Statement :