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Artist / Maker : Sebastian, Robert E.; Gwin-Jakwsxw
Title : Evening Reflections; Deer
Date (Execution) : 1985
Geographical Origin : Gitanmaax (Hazelton); British Columbia; Canada
Cultural Group : Gitxsan, Wet'suwet'en
Style / Period : Contemporary 1950 -
Medium / Material  : Serigraph
Support / Technique : paper
Object Type : screen prints
Visual Description : Image of a two black and red deer drinking from a stream. A red moon is visible at the top centre and there are some trees and in the background and bullrushes around the water's edge. The entire image in reflected in the water.
Accession # : U014.3.528
Width (cm) : 52.50
Height (cm) : 38.00
Depth (cm) :
Mandatory Credit : Gift from the Collection of George and Christiane Smyth
Artist Statement : "A young hunter was hunting deer on a Meadow south of Smithers in Northern British Columbia. This was long before any white man came to the area. He came upon two deer - a male and a female. The buck dated for safety, leaving the doe within shooting range. Before the young hunter could shoot, a small voice from nowhere said "Don't shoot me." The young hunter went home empty handed and told the wise men about the voice. They complimented the hunter, telling him the doe was probably with fawn and it was a good sign. He would probably be successful in the next hunt, they said. Those days it was a common occurrence and it didn't surprise the hunter if this happened." - Robert Sebastian