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Artist / Maker : Wilson, Joseph M.; Sxwaset
Title : Thunderbird
Date (Execution) : 2006
Geographical Origin : Duncan, British Columbia, Canada
Cultural Group : Coast Salish, Cowichan
Style / Period : Contemporary 1950 -
Medium / Material  : Serigraph
Support / Technique : paper
Object Type : screen prints
Visual Description : First Nations formline design of thunderbird with spread wing span in colours blue, red and black on white paper.
Accession # : U014.3.696
Width (cm) : 45.75
Height (cm) : 23.00
Depth (cm) :
Mandatory Credit : Gift from the Collection of George and Christiane Smyth
Artist Statement : "Thunderbird is the legendary, mythical being who is one of the most powerful 'helpers' in the Spirit realm in Coast Salish culture. In legend, the Thunderbird was called upon by the people to rescue them from the Killerwhale who was eating up all of the salmon in the bay; the salmon was our people's main food source. The Thunderbird swooped down from the heavens and carried Killerwhale off to the mountaintop to devour the whale, thus helping the people to regain the bountiful food source from the salmon run."