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Artist / Maker : Maltwood, Katharine Emma
Title : Infinity (Isis, Horus, Osiris)
Date (Execution) : c.1918-1920
Geographical Origin :
Cultural Group :
Style / Period :
Medium / Material  : Alabaster
Support / Technique :
Object Type : carvings (visual works)
Visual Description : Combines Egyptian characteristics with a Western feeling for planes and angles and a strict adherence to the block. In subject matter it refers to the myth of Osiris, the Egyptian god of the dead, who represents moral good and goths for the welfare of the human soul. Osiris is killed by his opponent Seth and, watched by his consort Isis, revives in another form to urge his son Horus to avenge him. With the aid of Thoth or reason Horus destroys the evil power of Seth. (Brown, Rosemary. Katharine Emma Maltwood (1981), 32.
Accession # : M964.1.359
Width (cm) : 24.00
Height (cm) : 120.00
Depth (cm) : 0.00
Mandatory Credit : Bequest of John and Katharine Maltwood
Artist Statement :