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Artist / Maker : Unknown; Quing Dynasty
Title : The Daoist Immortal Magu with Crane in Landscape
Date (Execution) : 17th-20th century
Geographical Origin : China
Cultural Group :
Style / Period : China Quing 1642-1912
Medium / Material  : Ink; Colours
Support / Technique : silk
Object Type : hanging scrolls
Visual Description : The painting is predominantly blue and green, the standard colors of the academic style. A single female figure stands underneath a pine tree with a stork, standing on one leg. A spray of plum blossoms are immediately behind the stork and the woman. She can be tentatively described as a Taoist immortal. The immortal combined with the iconographic elements of the pine tree, plum blossoms, and stork suggest that this painting was kept for good luck by a Chinese family.
Accession # : M964.1.4
Width (cm) : 102.50
Height (cm) : 187.00
Depth (cm) : 0.00
Mandatory Credit : Bequest of John and Katharine Maltwood
Artist Statement :