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Artist / Maker : Unknown
Title : Untitled (Figurine)
Date (Execution) : 850-1530
Geographical Origin : Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Cultural Group : Chiriqui
Style / Period : Pre-Columbian
Medium / Material  : Sandstone
Support / Technique : Carved; Ground
Object Type : carvings (visual works)
Visual Description : The object is a crudely carved figure cut from an oval boulder which has not been greatly altered in shape. The legs are missing; the base is knobbed. The arms are suggested by vertical grooves on front & back. The back is otherwise plain except for a one horizontal groove marking the neck and a semi-circular groove separating the trunk from the short tenon base. A knob represents the navel or the displaced male sex organ. The center of interest is the very large head (about half the size of the statue) carved in low relief. The facial features are rude. The nose is flat snf rectangular and fused with the forehead. The eyes are large, bulging oval bosses; the left eye has a vertical groove in the centre. The large mouth is encircled by an oval groove. The ears are are shown as raised crescents. On top of the head are two rows of short thick oval nodes encircled by a groove and separated by grooves in the shape of a cross.
Accession # : U991.15.14
Width (cm) : 9.00
Height (cm) : 21.70
Depth (cm) : 7.50
Mandatory Credit : Gift of William and Henrietta Schmidt
Artist Statement :