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Artist / Maker : Unknown
Title : Indonesian Klewang, Sword
Date (Execution) : 19th C.
Geographical Origin : Indonesia
Cultural Group : Indonesian
Style / Period :
Medium / Material  : Metal; Wood; Fibre; Hair
Support / Technique :
Object Type : swords; scabbards
Visual Description : The sword blade is smooth on both sides but is flat on one side, while the other is slightly convex. The top side is blunt. The blade is narrowest at the hilt and gradually widens toward the tip which is squared off at a 45 degree angle. This sword was used for many purposes including warfare, cutting timber, building houses, making wooden tools, and cutting hair. The blade is kept extremely sharp and its convex shape is designed for greatest efficiency in chopping wood. It is carried either on a belt or slung across the back. Also referred to as a "head sword".
Accession # : U991.7.9
Width (cm) : 10.00
Height (cm) : 64.00
Depth (cm) : 0.00
Mandatory Credit : Gift of Dr. Bruce L. and Mrs. Dorothy E. Brown
Artist Statement :