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Artist / Maker : Unknown
Title : Untitled (Head)
Date (Execution) : 500-1000
Geographical Origin : Central Highlands, Costa Rica
Cultural Group : Pre-Columbian (American)
Style / Period : Pre-Columbian
Medium / Material  : Ceramic
Support / Technique :
Object Type : sculpture (visual works); figurines
Visual Description : The headdress shows incised and punctated and raised areas, one of which is perforated to facilitate suspension. Three additional holes are placed in the hollow head. Nostrils are indicated by circular holes; these openings extend into the hollow head, while a shallow hole on a raised nodule of each ear remains on the surface. The latter possibly served to attach ear ornaments.
Accession # : U991.8.68
Width (cm) : 10.00
Height (cm) : 11.00
Depth (cm) : 9.50
Mandatory Credit : Gift of William and Henrietta Schmidt
Artist Statement :