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Standing Grandfather Clock   U997.13.1 Mahogany 
Untitled (Digging Stick)   U996.9.38 Yellow Cedar 
Untitled (Mantlepiece from R...   M971.3.1 Oak 
Untitled (Arts and Crafts Ch...   M970.4.1 Mahogany; leaded glass; mother of pearl inlay 
Untitled (Lamp)   M970.18.9 Glass; Wood 
Untitled (knives)   M970.18.13 Brass
Untitled (Gate Leg Dining Ta...   M970.18.10 Mahogany 
Untitled (Mission stool)   M970.18.11 Oak; rush 
Untitled (Filing Cabinet)   M970.17.1 Oak 
Untitled (Lamp Shades)   M970.17.2 Shell 
Untitled (Coffee Table)   M970.15.2 Oak 
Untitled (Coffee Table)   M970.15.1 Oak 
Smoking Cabinet   M969.6.1 Mahogany 
Untitled (Oil Lamp)   M969.3.2 Glass; Iron 
Untitled (Stained Glass Hang...   M969.3.3 Glass; Iron 
Untitled (Marble Topped Wash...   M969.3.4 Oak; Marble; Ceramic 
Untitled (Chair)   M969.14.1 Cherry Wood 
Untitled (American Craftsman...   M969.13.92 Wood; oak; rush slip seat 
Untitled (Vanity Table)   M969.13.93 Wood, Mahogany 
Untitled (Craftsman Style Ch...   M969.13.7 Wood, Oak; Brass 
Untitled (Even-arm Single Oa...   M969.13.59 Oak 
Untitled (Stained Glass Wind...   M969.13.45 Glass; Lead; Brass; Copper Foil 
Untitled (Shaker Style Rocki...   M969.13.41 Wood; Walnut 
Untitled (Mission Style Chair)   M969.13.38 Oak; Leather 
Untitled (Mission Style Chin...   M969.13.11 Wood, maple; glass 
Untitled (American Craftsman...   M969.13.104 Oak; leather 
Untitled (American Craftsma...   M969.13.105 Oak; leather 
Untitled (Mission side board)   M969.13.10 Oak 
Untitled (Mission Style Stra...   M969.10.1 Wood/leather
Untitled (Leaded Window)   M969.1.2 Glass; Lead 
Untitled (China Cabinet)   M969.1.1 Mahogany, maple and leaded glass 
Untitled (double bed)   M968.8.2 Wood; mahogany 
Untitled (Original Tiffany L...   M968.7.1 Stained glass; leaded shade; copper foil technique 
Untitled (Mosque Bench)   M964.1.88 Wood; Mother-Of-Pearl 
Untitled (Hall Mirror)   M964.1.85 Oak; glass; copper 
Untitled (Screen)   M964.1.81 Wood 
Untitled (Screen with Painte...   M964.1.82 watercolour and gouache 
Untitled (Arm Chair)   M964.1.567 Oak 
Untitled (Gothic Revival Cha...   M964.1.566 Oak 
Untitled (Four Chairs)   M964.1.539 Wood 
Untitled (Chair)   M964.1.537 Bamboo; Paint 
Untitled (Screen with collag...   M964.1.48 pen and ink on paper, wood frame 
Untitled (Lamp Stand)   M964.1.447 Wood, walnut 
Untitled (Leather Stool)   M964.1.441 Leather 
Untitled (Carved Oak Chest)   M964.1.44 Wood, Oak 
Untitled (Carved Oak Bible B...   M964.1.40 Wood, Oak 
Untitled (Music Stool)   M964.1.353 Wood
Untitled (Gilt Mirror)   M964.1.326 Wood, glass 
Untitled (Chinese Vase Stand)   M964.1.302 Wood 
Untitled (Chest)   M964.1.295 Oak 
Untitled (Oaken Box)   M964.1.199 Oak; metal 
Untitled (Bedstead)   M964.1.186 Oak 
Mirror   M964.1.187 Glass; Wood 
Untitled (Bedstead)   M964.1.184 Wood (Walnut) 
Untitled (Oak Fourposter Sin...   M964.1.185 Oak
Untitled (stool)   M964.1.182-2 Oak; Fabric 
Untitled (Footstool)   M964.1.183 Oak; Rattan 
Untitled (stool)   M964.1.182-1 Oak; Fabric 
Untitled (Lancashire Oak Set...   M964.1.179 Oak 
Untitled (Grandfather Clock ...   M964.1.180 Oak; Metal 
Untitled (Cupboard)   M964.1.175 Oak 
Untitled (Writing Bureau)   M964.1.177 Wood (walnut) 
Untitled (Chair)   M964.1.173 Teak 
Untitled (Oak Cupboard)   M964.1.174 Oak 
Untitled (Red Chair)   M964.1.171-5 Oak; red vinyl 
Untitled (Red Chair)   M964.1.171-6 Oak; Vinyl-Blue 
Untitled (chair)   M964.1.172 Oak 
Untitled (Blue Chair)   M964.1.171-2 Oak; Vinyl-Blue 
Untitled (Blue Chair)   M964.1.171-3 Oak; Vinyl-Blue 
Untitled (Red Chair)   M964.1.171-4 Oak; Vinyl-Red 
Untitled (Chair)   M964.1.170 Oak 
Untitled (Blue Chair)   M964.1.171-1 Oak; Vinyl-Blue 
Linenfold Chair   M964.1.167 Oak 
High-Backed Chair With Caned...   M964.1.169 Wood (walnut); rattan 
Untitled (Carolean Chair)   M964.1.163 Oak 
Walnut Arm Chair   M964.1.164 Wood (walnut); Fabric 
Untitled (Chair)   M964.1.165 Wood (walnut); Rattan 
Untitled (Chair)   M964.1.166 Wood (walnut); Rattan 
Untitled (Chair)   M964.1.161 Oak 
Carolean chair   M964.1.162 Wood; Rattan 
Untitled (Oak Chair)   M964.1.160 Oak 
Untitled (Chair)   M964.1.157 Oak 
Untitled (Chair)   M964.1.158 Oak 
Untitled (Oak Chair)   M964.1.159 Oak 
Untitled (Cupboards)   M964.1.156 Oak 
Untitled (Buffet)   M964.1.154 Oak 
Untitled (Dresser)   M964.1.155 Oak 
Untitled (Cabinet)   M964.1.152 Oak 
Untitled (Dresser)   M964.1.151 Oak 
Untitled (Chest of Drawers)   M964.1.150 Oak 
Untitled (Table)   M964.1.147 Oak 
Untitled (Table)   M964.1.148 Oak 
Untitled (Table)   M964.1.145 Oak 
Untitled (Table)   M964.1.146 Oak 
Untitled (table)   M964.1.143 Oak 
Untitled (Table)   M964.1.144 Oak 
Untitled (Table)   M964.1.141 Oak 
Untitled (Monks Table-Chair)   M964.1.142 Oak 
Untitled (Drawing Table)   M964.1.140 Oak 
Untitled (table)   U989.24.1 Wood; stain 
Untitled (table)   U988.7.3 Wood; copper alloy 
Untitled (Headboard)   M964.1.579 Wood, metal
Untitled (Table)   U994.17.1 Rosewood; Mahagony
Screen   U981.2.13 Wood; Tempera 
Springback Chair   U993.4.3-2 Steel; wood; fabric 
Springback Chair   U993.4.3-1 Steel; wood; fabric 
Grid Iron Chair   U993.4.1-4 Steel; Wood; Fabric 
Grid Iron Chair   U993.4.1-3 Steel; Wood; Fabric 
Grid Iron Chair   U993.4.1-2 Steel; Wood; Fabric 
Grid Iron Chair   U993.4.1-1 Steel; Wood; Fabric 
Ceremonial Furniture; Speake...   U993.30.4 Yellow and red cedar; acrylic; abalone
Ceremonial Furniture; Kneeli...   U993.30.2-2 carved cedar with acrylic paint 
Ceremonial Furniture; Chance...   U993.30.1 Cedar; acrylic 
Ceremonial Furniture; Chair ...   U993.30.1-9 Cedar; latex paint
Ceremonial Furniture; Chance...   U993.30.1-5 Cedar
Untitled (Art Nouveau table)   U992.11.7 Walnut 
Untitled (Wicker Chair)   U985.17.1 Wicker 
Burmese Octogonal Table on F...   U991.7.5 Wood; Paint; Lacquer 
Untitled (Trunk)   U991.11.44 Metal, Aluminum 
Untitled (Floral Painted Box)   U984.68.1 Wood, brass, paper, cloth 
Untitled (Liberty stool and ...   U984.62.2 wood, fibre 
Untitled (Chest Of Drawers)   U984.56.1 Wood 
Cupboard with decorated doors   U984.45.1 Wood; Glass 
Untitled (chair)   U984.40.2 Simulated rosewood, silk 
Untitled (Chair with Embroid...   U984.40.3 Mahogany, fibre 
Untitled (Queen Anne side ch...   U984.40.1 Wood, paint, fibre 
Untitled (Armchair)   U983.22.7 Teak, fibre
Untitled (Chair)   U983.22.5 Teak, fibre
Untitled (Armchair)   U983.22.6 Teak, fibre
Untitled (Cupboard)   U983.22.4 Teak
Untitled (Bookshelf)   U983.22.2 Teak
Untitled (Desk)   U983.22.3 Teak
Untitled (Credenza)   U983.22.1 Wood, Teak
Untitled (Modernist Chair)   U983.2.143 Wood, cherry; metal 
Untitled (Chair)   U983.2.142 Wood; iron 
Untitled (Table with Candle ...   U983.2.141 Wood; metal 
Untitled (Bench and Bookcase)   U982.43.1 Wood, Philippine mahogany, grey elm, glass, brass
Untitled (Marquetry Chest of...   U990.9.1 Wood; Brass 
Untitled (French Travel Clock)   U999.2.1 Brass, wood 
Chinese Letter Box   U000.35.1 Wood; Pigment 
Orator's Stool from Papua Ne...   U998.5.1 Wood; paint 
Untitled (Drop Leaf Carved T...   U001.11.177 mahogany wood; brass; metal
Untitled (Windsor Armchairs ...   U001.11.179-1 elm and ash wood; metal
Untitled (Windsor Armchairs ...   U001.11.179-3 elm and ash wood; metal
Untitled (Windsor Armchairs ...   U001.11.179-2 elm and ash wood; metal 
Untitled (Windsor Armchairs ...   U001.11.179-8 elm and ash wood; metal
Untitled (Small-Panelled Eng...   U001.11.193 wood; metal
Untitled (Mahogany Tilt Top ...   U001.11.219 wood; metal
Untitled (Reproduction Oak D...   U001.11.220 wood; brass
Untitled (French Fruitwood E...   U001.11.223 wood; metal
Untitled (Oak Butler's Tray ...   U001.11.183 wood; brass; metal
Untitled (English Elm Servin...   U001.11.182 Elm wood; metal
Untitled (Oak Dresser Rack w...   U001.11.285 Oak; Mahogany; Unknown metal; Brass; Varnish
Untitled (Wooden Rush Seated...   U001.11.330-3 wood; varnish; metal; glue
Untitled (Wooden Rush Seated...   U001.11.330-4 wood; varnish; metal; glue
Untitled (Wooden Rush Seated...   U001.11.330-5 wood; varnish; metal; glue
Untitled (Wooden Rush Seated...   U001.11.330-6 wood; varnish; metal; glue
Untitled (Wooden Rush Seated...   U001.11.330-7 wood; varnish; metal; glue
Untitled (Reproduction Frenc...   U001.11.340 fruitwood
Untitled (Haida Bent Box)   U001.11.390 Wood; operculum; paint; metal
Untitled (bent box)   U001.11.391 Wood; metal; paint
Tsimshian Bentwood Box   U001.11.407 Painted cedar, operculum shells
Coast Tsimshian Bentwood Box   U001.11.408 Wood; paint
Untitled (English Pine Bench)   U001.11.481 pine wood; metal; varnish
Untitled (English Pine Bench)   U001.11.480 pine wood; metal; varnish
Untitled (Victorian Pine Bla...   U001.11.145 Pine wood; unknown metal
Untitled (Victorian Pine Bla...   U001.11.146 Pine wood; metal
Untitled (Stick Back Primiti...   U001.11.155 Wood
Untitled (Modern Cane Two-Se...   U001.11.156 wood; wicker?; paper?; metal
Untitled (Two-Drawer Elm Ser...   U001.11.167 elm wood; metal
Untitled (Long Pine Bench)   U001.11.176-1 wood
Untitled (Long Pine Bench)   U001.11.176-2 wood
Untitled (Mahogany Stand wit...   U001.11.180 Wood; brass
Untitled (Windsor Armchairs ...   U001.11.179-4 elm and ash wood; metal
Untitled (Windsor Armchairs ...   U001.11.179-5 elm and ash wood; metal
Untitled (Windsor Armchairs ...   U001.11.179-6 elm and ash wood; metal
Untitled (Windsor Armchairs ...   U001.11.179-7 elm and ash wood; metal
Untitled (Reproduction Regen...   U001.11.197-1 wood; fabric; varnish
Untitled (Reproduction Regen...   U001.11.197-2 wood; fabric; varnish
Untitled (Chippendale-Style ...   U001.11.200 wood; brass; leather; wicker; nylon
Untitled (Mahogany Georgian-...   U001.11.217 mahogany; fabric
Untitled (Georgian Mahogany ...   U001.11.233 wood
Untitled (reproduction oak d...   U001.11.140 Oak, brass, varnish, other metals, glue, mahogany
Untitled (Georgian Mahogany ...   U001.11.227 Mahogany; varnish; metal; glue
Untitled (Oak Bible Box and ...   U001.11.228 Oak; metal; glue; varnish
Untitled (Reproduction Teak ...   U001.11.166-3 Wood; brass; glue; varnish
Untitled (Reproduction Teak ...   U001.11.166-4 Wood; brass; glue; varnish
Untitled (Georgian Mahogany ...   U001.11.230 Mahogany; brass; other metals; varnish; glue
Untitled (Victorian rosewood...   U001.11.232 Rosewood; textile; varnish; glue; metal
Untitled (Oak Coffer)   U001.11.272 Oak; metal; varnish; glue 
Untitled (Oak Coffer)   U001.11.273 Oak; metal; varnish; glue
Untitled (Bedside End Table ...   U001.11.283 Mahogany; varnish; metal; glue
Victorian pine ice-chest, le...   U001.11.513 Pine; lead; brass; other metals; unknown varnish/sealant; unknown textile
Untitled (Small Wood Chest o...   U001.11.815 wood; brass; varinsh
Untitled (Chippendale-Style,...   U001.11.816 oak; rush; varnish
Untitled (Chippendale-style ...   U001.11.817 oak; rush; varnish
Untitled (Dressing Table wit...   U001.11.818 wood; varnish; metal; mirror
Untitled (Small oak drop-lea...   U001.11.819 oak; varnish; metal
Untitled (Pine Bench)   U001.11.820 pine; varnish
Untitled (Mahogany Brass-Ban...   U001.11.821 wood; brass; varnish 
Untitled (Teakwood brass ban...   U001.11.822 wood; metal; varnish
Untitled (Chippendale-Style ...   U001.11.823 wood; rush; varnish
Untitled (Mahogany Drop-Leaf...   U001.11.824 mahogany; varnish; metal
Untitled (Mahogany Table wit...   U001.11.825 wood; metal; varnish
Untitled (Yellow-Green Studd...   U001.11.826 wood; leather; metal; varnish
Mahogany mule chest on brack...   U001.11.827 mahogany wood; brass; metal; varnish/stain
Butcher Block Table   U001.11.828 hardwood; wax
Reproduction Fruitwood Dinin...   U001.11.838 fruitwood; varnish
Welsh Dresser and Rack of En...   U001.11.839 oak; varnish; metal 
Hanging Light Fixture with G...   U001.11.840 glass; metal; paint; wood
Untitled (Mahogany drop-leaf...   U001.11.841 metal; wood (mahogany); stain/varnish
Untitled (Intricately Carved...   U001.11.845 wood (oak); metal; varnish
Small Oak Boarded Sword Chest   U001.11.847 wood (oak); metal; varnish
Reproduction Butler's Tray   U001.11.848 wood; brass; varnish/stain
Oak-panelled and carved coffer   U001.11.849 oak; metal; varnish
Untitled (Large Oak Settle w...   U001.11.851 oak 
Untitled (Yellow (Mustard Co...   U001.11.852 wood; leather; metal; varnish
Untitled (Circular Glass Tab...   U001.11.855 metal; brass; glass; paint
Mahogany brass band campaign...   U001.11.722 mahogany; brass; other metals; varnish; vinyl; adhesive
Untitled (Georgian Country C...   U001.11.157 Wood; Glue; Cane; Varnish;
Untitled (Edwardian Mahogany...   U001.11.158 Mahogany; varnish; paint; metal: glue
Untitled (Edwardian Mahogany...   U001.11.159 Mahogan; metal (brass?); paint
Untitled (Georgian mahogany ...   U001.11.160 Mahogany; red velvet; textile; glue; varnish; metal
Untitled (Writing Desk)   U001.11.161 Wood (Mahogany); Brass
Untitled (Victorian mahogany...   U001.11.162 Mahogany; brass; varnish; glue
Untitled (Reproduction Teak ...   U001.11.166-1 Wood; brass; glue; varnish
Untitled (Reproduction Teak ...   U001.11.166-2 Wood; brass; glue; varnish
Untitled (Scottish Mahogany ...   U001.11.168 Mahogany; brass; glass; silver; chord; glue; other metals; pigment
Untitled (Georgian Mahogany ...   U001.11.169 Mahogany; satin wood; tambour; brass; other metals; glue; varnish
Untitled (Reproduction Georg...   U001.11.171 Wood (mahogany?); varnish; metal (brass); glue
Untitled (Reproduction Leath...   U001.11.172 Leather; wood; metal; polyester fiber; polyurethane foam; glue 
Untitled (Reproduction Leath...   U001.11.173 Leather; wood; metal; polyester fiber; polyurethane foam; glue 
Untitled (Georgian Mahogany ...   U001.11.174 Mahogany; brass; textile; glue; varnish
Untitled (Edwardian Rosewood...   U001.11.175 Rosewood; metal (brass?); varnish; glue; veneer
Untitled (Converted Pine Cof...   U001.11.184 Pine; paint; varnish; metal; glue
Untitled (Painted Pine Bench)   U001.11.185 Pine; paint; varnish; metal
Untitled (Leather Case Umbre...   U001.11.187 Leather; metal
Untitled (Georgian Mahogany ...   U001.11.188 Mahogany; metal (brass?); varnish; glue
Untitled (French-Style Fruit...   U001.11.189 Fruitwood; varnish; metal; glue
Untitled (Reproduction Oak E...   U001.11.192-1 Oak; metal (brass?); glue; varnish
Untitled (Reproduction Oak E...   U001.11.192-2 Oak; metal (brass?); glue; varnish
Untitled (Reproduction Oak E...   U001.11.192-3 Oak; metal (brass?); glue; varnish
Untitled (French Fruitwood B...   U001.11.196-1 Fruitwood; varnish; glue
Untitled (French Fruitwood B...   U001.11.196-2 Fruitwood; varnish; glue
Untitled (Upholstered patter...   U001.11.198 Fabric; wood; metal; varnish
Untitled (Upholstered patter...   U001.11.199 Fabric; wood; metal; varnish
Untitled (Mahogany Butler's ...   U001.11.201 Mahogany; brass; other metals; varnish; glue
Untitled (Reproduction Oak C...   U001.11.203-1 wood; metal
Untitled (Reproduction Oak C...   U001.11.203-2 wood; metal
Untitled (Reproduction Mahog...   U001.11.206 wood; metal
Untitled (Joined English arm...   U001.11.210 Wood
Untitled (Pine Bench)   U001.11.216-1 Pine; metal; glue; varnish
Untitled (Pine Bench)   U001.11.216-2 Pine; metal; glue; varnish
Untitled (Mahogany Silver Ta...   U001.11.218 Mahogany; brass; other metals; glue; varnish
Untitled (Rosewood Centre Ta...   U001.11.224 Rosewood; glue; varnish
Untitled (Oak Coffer)   U001.11.225 Oak; metal; varnish; glue
Untitled (Georgian-style Dre...   U001.11.226 Wood; mirror; brass; other metals; varnish; glue
Untitled (Oak Butler's tray ...   U001.11.284 Oak; varnish; metal; glue; unknown textile
Untitled (late 18th Century ...   U001.11.282-1 Wood; metal; varnish; glue; textile; newsprint
Untitled (Late 18th Century ...   U001.11.282-2 Wood; metal; varnish; glue; textile
Untitled (Oak Butler's Tray ...   U001.11.281 Oak; varnish; glue; metal; unknown textile
Untitled (Wooden Coffer Tabl...   U001.11.383 Wood; metal; varnish; glue; paper
Untitled (Mahogany Cabinets)   U001.11.420-1 Wood (mahogany?); glass; varnish; metal; glue 
Untitled (Mahogany Bookcase ...   U001.11.420-2 Wood (mahogany?); Glass; Varnish; Metal; Glue
Untitled (Victorian Table)   U001.11.424 pine wood; varnish
Untitled (Small 3-Shelf Pine...   U001.11.860 wood (pine)
Untitled (Mahogany Brass Ban...   U001.11.861-1 wood, brass, iron, varnish
Untitled (Mahogany Brass Ban...   U001.11.861-2 wood (mahogany), brass, iron, varnish
Untitled (Wooden Rush-Seated...   U001.11.330-1 wood; varnish; metal; glue
Untitled (Wooden Rush Seated...   U001.11.330-2 wood; varnish; metal; glue
Untitled (Wooden Rush Seated...   U001.11.330-8 wood; varnish; metal; glue
Untitled (Wooden Table)   U001.11.374 wood
Untitled (Jacobean Style Oak...   U001.11.484 oak; metal; glue; unknown varnish/sealant
Untitled (Oak Coffer)   U001.11.271 oak; metal; varnish; glue
Copper lamp   U005.21.8 Copper 
Davenport writing desk   U005.39.1 Walnut
Untitled (Victorian Fire Scr...   U005.19.1 metal, glass, thread, fabric
Untitled (Art Nouveau Candle...   U006.10.1 Brass
Chrome and Glass Table   U005.31.1 Chrome; glass
Habitant Chair   U006.3.1 Wood, cane 
Habitant Chair   U006.3.2 Wood, cane
Habitant Chair   U006.3.3 Wood; Cane
Habitant Chair   U006.3.4 Wood, cane
Habitant Chair   U006.3.5 Wood, cane
Habitant Chair   U006.3.6 Wood, cane
Habitant Chair   U006.3.7 Wood, cane
French Gilt Wood Arm Chair   U003.5.19-1 Wood, fabric 
French Gilt Fruitwood Side C...   U003.5.20-2 Wood, Fabric 
French Gilt Fruitwood Side C...   U003.5.20-1 Wood; fabric 
Box with Order of the Garter   U998.39.1 Wood, Canvas, Leather, Metal 
Untitled   U008.31.21 Bamboo, cord, tooth, gourd?
Untitled (Suspension Hook)   U009.17.195 Wood; pigment
Untitled (Coast Salish Portf...   U010.14.19 wood; Western Maple
Untitled (Bookcase)   M964.1.538 Bamboo 
Untitled (Chair)   U976.6.1 Wood, fabric
Untitled (Chair)   U976.6.2 Wood, fabric
Habitant High Chair   U006.3.8 Wood; cane
Brass stand   U001.11.1065-2 brass
Wood box with roosters   U008.24.561 pigment and wood