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Constant and Transitional Fo...   U006.41.133 Graphite
Folio A Working Tissue Drawi...   U006.41.63 Drawings 
Doorknocker and Letter Slot   U995.17.24 Brass; Wood
Untitled (abstract with phot...   U009.1.3 Acrylic; photo paper 
The Birth of Penis   U009.1.8 Ink, paint, paper, hair
The Russian Panel   U009.1.31 cigarette packs, foil, ash and glue 
Vancouver Portrait: Artist i...   U009.1.75 Ink, paint, artist print 
Sunset Caught in the Thicket   U009.1.40 Charcoal; Acrylic 
Women's Work   U009.1.67 ceramic tiles
Carrying Case for Mandala   U008.24.11 Wood; leather
Woodblock   U008.24.26 Wood
Letters from Banff   L008.1.9 Mixed media
Jack's Sharp Eye #1   L008.1.10 Mixed media
Untitled (Metal feather)   U007.63.1-4 Metal
Bound notebook with ink nota...   L008.1.52
Pilgrimmage   L008.1.83 Mixed media
Box of ledgers, invoices, ac...   U008.24.553
Woodblock   U008.24.557 Wood
Untitled (5 Woodblocks)   U008.24.559 cedar?
Untitled (Masked Figure)   U008.31.19 Leather, wood, string, beads, rafia, fabric
Untitled (Doll)   U008.31.31 Leather, Linen, Fabric, Wool
Untitled (Doll With Yellow a...   U008.31.17 fabric, felt, yarn, fur, plastic, beads
Untitled (Doll)   U008.31.33 Leather, Beads
Animal Horn Rattle   U008.31.29 Animal Horn
Rattle   U008.31.30 Tree Bark
Untitled (Masked Figure)   U008.31.32 Corn (?), leather, wood string, beads
Untitled (Drum Malet)   U008.31.22 wood, leather, fabric, thread, bells
Untitled (Doll with Leather ...   U008.31.34 leather, beads, branch
Untitled (Drum Stick)   U008.31.23 Leather, wood
Untitled (Birch Bowl)   U008.31.25 birch, wood
Untitled (Doll)   U008.31.42 Fabric, wool, beads, ribbon, wire
Untitled (Doll with Snowshoe...   U008.31.43 Fabric, beads, twine, wool, metal
Untitled (Bark Canoe with Si...   U008.31.55 wood, bark
Untitled (Canoe with Black S...   U008.31.56 wood, nails, paint
Untitled (Frog Drum)   U008.31.59 Serigraph
Fan   U008.31.54 Bark
Fan   U008.31.53 Birch Bark, Spruce root, Black spruce dye
Untitled (Dreamcatcher)   U008.31.52 Suede, wood, leather
Untitled (Dreamcatcher)   U008.31.50 Leather; Wood
Untitled (Dreamcatcher)   U008.31.51 Wood; leather; plastic wire; thread
Untitled (Octopus Drum)   U008.31.60 Serigraph
Glass Slides in wooden box   U999.41.1 glass slides
UVic Germanic Studies   U999.41.2 glass slides
UVic Germanic Studies slides   U999.41.3 glass slides
Untitled (Mineral Samples; F...   M964.1.574 Mineral; fossil; stone
Miller Box with tests and ex...   U006.41.134 Paper, ink, pastel, copper
Carved Dance Staff - Coast S...   U003.13.1 Wood, leather, animal parts (hooves or claws)
Working Palette   U006.43.1 paint
Untitled (Silhouette of Gent...   U009.16.298 Ink decoupage 
Untitled (Cross Necklace)   U009.16.408 Gold 
Untitled (Christ)   U009.16.411 Mixed media 
Untitled (mask PNG)   U009.17.204 Wood; twine; natural pigment
Untitled (mask)   U009.17.198 Animal; shell; pigment
Heron Rattle   U009.17.150 Wood
Raven and Frog Rattle   U009.17.149 Yellow cedar
Flute (Papua New Guinea)   U002.45.1 Wood, cowry, feathers, ochre
Untitled (Bow and Arrow)   U002.45.2 Wood 
Atl-atl (Spear Extension)   U002.45.7 Wood 
Bamboo Spear   U002.45.6 Bamboo; grass 
Papua New Guinea Arrows- A-C   U002.45.3 Wood; grass; bamboo 
Carved Gourd   U006.44.6 Gourd 
Carved Flute and Flute Stopper   U006.44.15 Bamboo and ink 
Papua New Guinea Spears- A-G   U002.45.4 Bamboo; kwila wood 
Papua New Guinea Spears- A-B   U002.45.5 Wood; bamboo; fibres 
Finial   U009.17.207 Wood; metal base
Drum stick   U006.44.17 Kwila wood 
2 Batiks   U006.44.2 Commercial dyes 
Untitled (Drum and Drumstick)   E005.1.1 Animal hide, wood
Talking Stick   U010.12.1 Wood; Shells
Untitled (Sand Dollar)   U996.9.67-6  
Untitled (Handle)   U996.9.68 Wood 
Giclee Reproduction of Blue ...   U011.2.1 Ink 
Untitled (Walking Stick)   U001.11.1106-1 Wood, rubber
Untitled (Stick)   U001.11.1106-2 Bamboo
Untitled (Cane)   U001.11.1106-3 Wood, rubber
Untitled (Cane)   U001.11.1106-4 Wood, rubber
Untitled, blotter book   M964.1.592 leather; satin; paper
Untitled (Wooden Pallet Knife)   M964.1.376-21 Wood
Untitled (Wooden Pallet Knife)   M964.1.376-23 Wood
Untitled (Bristled Brush Head)   M964.1.376-25 Metal; bristles
Untitled (Wooden Pallet Knife)   M964.1.376-26 Wood
Untitled (Two Wooden Pallet ...   M964.1.376-27 Wood
Untitled (Bone Pallet Knife)   M964.1.376-28 Bone
Untitled (Wooden Ruler)   M964.1.376-29 Wood
Cii-sta-in acetate screen pr...   U992.8.4 Print
DeCastro's tool; plane   U991.25.71 Wood, metal
DeCastro's tool; hammer   U991.25.73 Wood, stone
DeCastro's tool; chisel   U991.25.74 Wood, metal
DeCastro's tool; chisel   U991.25.75 Wood, metal
DeCastro's tool; chisel   U991.25.76 Wood, metal
DeCastro's tool; chisel   U991.25.77 Wood, metal
DeCastro's tool; chisel   U991.25.78 Wood, metal
DeCastro's tool; chisel   U991.25.79 Wood, metal
DeCastro's tool   U991.25.80 Wood, metal
DeCastro's tool; chisel   U991.25.81 Wood, metal
DeCastro's tool; chisel   U991.25.82 Wood, metal
DeCastro's tool; plane   U991.25.83 Wood, metal
DeCastro's tool; chisel   U991.25.84 Wood, metal
DeCastro's tool; chisel   U991.25.85 Wood, metal
A Box is a Box   U993.36.1 Mixed Media; newspaper clippings; charcoal 
Untitled (Somerset Zodiac)   M964.1.593 Mixed media; Photograph; ink 
Observation of Hands at 4pm   E011.8.1 Mixed media; paper and watercolour paint 
Untitled (Two Banners; 100 Y...   U011.15.1 nylon
Untitled (100 Years Saanich ...   U011.15.2 Flag material (woven polyester)
Untitled (Staff with Carved ...   U011.17.1 Paint and two shells
Untitled (Toucan and Crocodi...   U011.17.2 Painted wood, 4 shells, thread
Antique Binoculars and Case   U011.19.1 (a): leather and metal and glass (lenses), (b): leather
Violin bow   U011.22.1 horse hair; wood
Untitled (instrument case)   U011.23.1 Leather; red cloth
Bagpipes   U011.29.1 tartan; leather; plastic; metal
Eagle Dancer; stencils   U980.5.7
Eagle Dancer; stencils   U980.5.8
Wood pipe and lid   L994.1.27 Wood; bone; paint
Untitled (Chinese Funeral; "...   U011.46.4 Linen fabric, paper, twine
Untitled (Four Women)   U011.46.6 Fabric
Untitled (Fabric Dolls)   U011.46.7 Cloth, silk, paper, thread
Untitled (Chinese Wedding)   U011.46.8 Fabric
Untitled (Chinese Family- 2 ...   U011.46.10 Fabric
Untitled (Asian wood block)   U011.52.1 wood
Country Garden Face Powder Box   U011.51.1 card
Papua New Guinean female scu...   L994.1.21 Pigment; wood
Wooden pencil with Chinese c...   E000.4.1 lead and wood
Chinese wood spoon   E000.4.3 wood
Large, round wooden spoon   E000.4.4 wood
Metal and wood cigarette/pipe   E000.4.5 metal and wood
Yellow plastic tweezers   E000.4.6 plastic and metal
Wood coin holder box   E000.4.7 wood and pigment
Small box with two scenes   E000.4.8 wood
Untitled (Chinese child doll)   E000.4.9 Wood; fabric; hair
Chinese paper fan   E000.4.10 paper, wood
Wooden staff   E000.4.11 wood and metal
Small Chinese decorative scr...   E000.4.15 fabric, pigment
Miscellaneous trinkets   E000.4.17 metal, wood
Small screens   E000.4.18 wood, glass, fabric
Sword and sheath   U008.24.562 Metal; leather; wood
White calligraphy brush   U008.24.563 hair, string, beads
Leather box with stone stamp...   U008.24.565 leather, velvet, stone, porcelain, ink
Green-patterned box with sto...   U008.24.566 leather, stone, fabric
Small wood box with oval stone   U008.24.567 wood, metal, stone
Wood and bone arrowhead   U008.24.568 bone and wood
Seal Stone Dish and Leather ...   U008.24.569 stone, leather, wood
Wearable magnifying glasses ...   U008.24.570 glass, metal, leather
Seals in fabric cases   U008.24.571 wood, cloth, stone
Seal in Box   U008.24.572 stone and wood
Untitled (Child's Size Grous...   U011.63.2 Grouse feathers; deer hide; beads
Inlaid wood plaque   U011.67.1 Wood
Untitled (Papua New Guinean ...   L994.1.20 wood, pigment
Letter from Tom Wolfe to Cha...   U011.91.1 Ink
Papua New Guinean drum   U011.90.3 wood, snakeskin, paint
Adze   U011.90.5 wood, metal
Ceremonial drum   U011.90.6 wood, snakeskin
Cornish Landscape   U013.3.4 Mixed Media collage; paper; adhesive 
Orpheus   U003.40.1 Plaster
Leopard Spot Motif Saxophone   U012.25.1 laminated yellow cedar with enamel paint in leopard spot motif; red painted metal kazoo 
Spent Staples, Meat and Elec...   U013.12.2 Mixed Media; Aluminium, Tissues, Magnet, Motor, and Fake Pork Chop
Rickard Collection Ephemera:...   E990.5.1
Rickard Collection Ephemera:...   E990.8.1
Untitled (Preparatory Collag...   E015.1.1 Photograph; collage
Untitled (Multimedia hand dr...   U006.7.2 Wood and animal skin
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