Records where Geographical Origin is "British Columbia, Canada"

Untitled (A Huggett Co. Ltd....   Unknown  
Untitled (House)   Unknown  
Untitled (House and Text)   Unknown  
Untitled (Houses)   Unknown  
Untitled (House)   Unknown  
Untitled (House and Text)   Unknown  
Choco-Omo   Abram, Rosemary
Relax the Eye   Abram, Rosemary
The Drop   Soemantri, Hildawati
One Horned Goat   Blackstock, Michael ; Ama Goodim Gyet  
Raven Dancer   Starr, Terry
Canoe   Cranmer, Doug ; Pal'nakwala Wakas  
Tii-Bin; (Seal)   Starr, Terry
Killer Whale Female   Reece, Heber
Raven And The Sun   Greene, Stan
Raven Princess   Reece, Heber
Tsimshian Eagle   Reece, Heber
Tsimshian Wolf   Reece, Heber
Stettin am Oder   Siebner, Herbert Johannes Joseph RCA
Snarling Cat   Cragg, Heather  
Two Peaks, Fire Lake, B.C.   Onley, Toni ; Norman Antonio Onley  
Cloud   Simons, Brian  
Journey #13   Rivet, Richard James RCA  
Pasture   Clement, George
Totem Pole Fragment   Unknown  
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