Records where Geographical Origin is "unknown"

Untitled (Brass Pail with Co...   unknown
Untitled (Farmland Landscape)   Long, Yu
Untitled (Brass Holder, Thre...   unknown
Quiet Hour, 1845   Read, David Charles  
Untitled (Letter to Michael ...   Silverstone, Franklin R.
Jurek   Jung, Krzysztof
Untitled; (Figures)   Jensen, Leroy
Christ and the Way of the Cr...   Unknown  
Untitled (Brass Pot with Han...   unknown
Untitled (Three Horses)   Unknown
Untitled (Three Figures with...   Unknown
Untitled (Copper Pot)   unknown
Untitled (Brass and Copper S...   Unknown
Untitled (Two Dancers)   Unknown
Untitled (Primal Village)   Cook, Lisa
Portrait of Koralee   Unknown; T.G.
Untitled (man on camel)   Holme, Frank
Ivy Highlights II   Baylis, Jean
Untitled (Landscape with Flo...   Trinidad, Jose
Untitled (Sunflower)   Hembroff-Schleicher, Edythe
The Swan   Brookman, Charles
Gueridon (Academie Andre L'h...   Hembroff-Schleicher, Edythe
Untitled (Cubist Still Life)   Hembroff-Schleicher, Edythe
Beal-Nam-bo, The Highlands   Peck, Merrill
Untitled (Small Wood Chest o...   unknown
Untitled (Chippendale-Style,...   Unknown
Untitled (Forest Scene)   Potvin, P.
Untitled (Woman sitting in r...   Browne, Alberta
Untitled (Chinese Figure)   Unknown
Band   Snow, John RCA
Gender-less Earth   Lirsak, Michael  
Rousseau   Snow, Michael RCA
Tourists of Karnak   Redgrave, Felicity
Untitled (Still Life with Fl...   Clark, Unknown
Women Protecting Children   Browne, Alberta  
Pierrot   Henderson, M.  
Swans in Pond (reproduction)   Frederikssund, Hailte S.  
Untitled (Abstract)   Wioler, F.
Women Cooking, Madagascar   Filderslave, Monica
Untitled (Chippendale-style ...   unknown
Untitled (Small oak drop-lea...   Unknown
Untitled (Pine Bench)   unknown
Untitled (Teakwood brass ban...   unknown
Untitled (Chippendale-Style ...   unknown
Untitled (Mahogany Drop-Leaf...   unknown
Untitled (Mahogany Table wit...   Pennsylvania House
Untitled (Yellow-Green Studd...   unknown
Mahogany mule chest on brack...   unknown
Antique Scale   Young, Son, and Marlow Limited
Untitled (Brass Pot with Han...   unknown
Untitled (Brass Pot with Han...   Unknown
Untitled (Brass Pot with Han...   unknown
Untitled (Brass pot with han...   Unknown
Untitled (Brass Pot with Han...   Unknown
Untitled (Brass Basin with A...   Unknown
Untitled (Small Brass Basin ...   Unknown
Untitled (Brass Basin)   Unknown
Reproduction Fruitwood Dinin...   Unknown
Untitled (Mahogany drop-leaf...   Unknown
Untitled (Bell Metal Pot (Br...   Unknown
Untitled (Brass and Steel Fo...   unknown
Untitled (Copper Coal Scuttl...   Unknown
Untitled (Intricately Carved...   Unknown
Campaign style mahogany and ...   Unknown
Small Oak Boarded Sword Chest   Unknown
Reproduction Butler's Tray   Unknown
Oak-panelled and carved coffer   Unknown
Untitled (Yellow (Mustard Co...   Unknown
Fire Fender   Unknown
Untitled (Circular Glass Tab...   Unknown
Untitled (Ceramic Vase)   Unknown - see Inscriptions
Fire Dogs   Unknown
Untitled (Colour Photograph ...   unknown
The Yellow Kerchief   Hunter, Georgia  
Untitled (Abstract Figures)   Laird,
Untitled (Flowers in a Milk ...   Frame, Elvera
Untitled (Small 3-Shelf Pine...   unknown
Untitled (Mahogany Brass Ban...   unknown
Untitled (Mahogany Brass Ban...   unknown
Nude study   Barron, Jesi
Untitled (Sitting Dog)   Unknown
Untitled (House)   Hawker,
Una Carta de Hermana Covadonga   Hembroff-Schleicher, Edythe
Untitled (Photograph of Chie...   Ryan, Jim
Self Caricature   Labrie, Mike  
Untitled (Winter Landscape)   McIvor, Patricia
Untitled (Large Ceramic Jar)   Unknown
Untitled (Large Metal Wheel)   Unknown
Untitled (Victorian Butcher ...   Unknown
Untitled (Bronze Hallway Cha...   Unknown
Untitled (Oak Coffer)   Unknown
Untitled; (Yellow Abstract)   Brett, Leonard
Amsterdam prints (Map, secti...   unknown
Untitled (Goat)   unknown  
Still Life with Honesty   Walcott, M.S.
Blue Bowl   Barton, Nixie  
Untitled (Bright Chevrons)   Smith, Gordon A. RCA  
Untitled (Geometric Abstract)   Smith, Gordon A. RCA  
Untitled (Four Stamps)   Smith, Gordon A. RCA  
Rouen La Cathedrale   unknown-illegible  
Untitled (Village)   Holroyd, Charles  
Untitled (Photographs of Wom...   unknown
A Glimpse   Harvey, Donald  
Y Sont Pas La   Bergeron, Jean Claude  
Fallen Fence   Bird, Lilian  
Landscape   Bird, Lilian  
Two Figures (unique proof)   Bird, Lilian  
Great Horned Owl   Bird, Lilian  
Untitled (Tree on a River Ba...   Callison, L.
Untitled (daily activities)   Unknown  
frame for "Spring Sun"   unknown  
Portrait of Judy   unknown  
Untitled (Unused Copper Plate)   Foster, Judith  
Drawer #4 - Support Material...   Foster, Judith  
Untitled (Abstract)   Morton, Douglas RCA  
Atlas Building   Unknown Artist  
Untitled (Abstract Sketch)   Jorgensen, Flemming  
Earth, Air, Water   Wise, Jack
Ancient Landscape   Wise, Jack
Deep Winter - Cariboo   Wise, Jack
Botanical Illustration of Su...   Unknown Artist
Untitled (Urn, Lid and Stand)   Unknown
Untitled (Chinese Plate with...   Unknown  
Untitled (Landscape with Peo...   Unknown
Shakespeare's Prophecy   Fores, S.W.
Villa Reale   Unknown
The Niagara Falls   Payne, Charles  
University Church   Croston, Edmund  
Duke of Wellington with the ...   D'Oranier, Comte  
Portrait of a Gentlemen   Longastre,  
Untitled (Cross Necklace)   Unknown